Photo by Anton Milberger

Unlike many photographers, I have no desire to be a dominat figure.
I don’t seek to control a space; I don’t impose myself on what I photograph.
I take part in it, identify with it.
For me, bringing something to light, contemplating begins with cleaning and avoiding clichés, rather than composing.

After some time I came to the conclusion, the things around us, which we find in every day life can be as beautiful and exciting as foreign countries and unknown cultures.
People are characterized by the landscape, they live in. Just as every landscape is modified by their inhabitants. In my work I'm looking for this mutual influence and change.
The landscape, including the city landscape, continues to provide new astonishments. I like to observe and to be inspired by what I find in the simple beauty of daily things.


1981       born in Jaroslavl, Russia
1997       moves to Germany

2003-2007    study at Munich University of Applied Sciences, Photo Dep.
2005-2007    residence in Kolkata, India
2010-2012    residence in Paris, France
2009-2015    study at Munich Academy of Fine Arts, by Guenther Foerg and J.-M. Bustamante
2012-2019    lives and works in Munich, Germany


2014       Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (K∗MoPA), Japan
2013       Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, New York
2013       Bavarian State Picture Collection (Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlung), Munich


2019       VII. Ellwanger Art Prize, Germany
2019       14th Annual B&W Spider Awards, nomination
2019       BLOOM Award by Warsteiner, nomination
2019       13th Annual B&W Spider Awards, 2nd place
2019       12th Annual Photography Masters Cup, nominee in Fine Art
2018       11th Annual Photography Masters Cup, nominee in Fine Art
2017       24. Aichacher Art Prize, Germany, nomination
2014       Young Portfolio Acquisitions, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts
2014       7th Annual Photography Masters Cup, nominee in Fine Art
2013       Munich Art Prize 2013 in photography
2013       6th Annual Photography Masters Cup, nominee in Fine Art
2012       Lacoste Elysee Prize, Lausanne, Switzerland, nomination, grant
2012       5th Annual Photography Masters Cup, nominee in Fine Art
2012       LfA Calender Prize, Munich, Germany
2010       KATAPULT Award, Frankfurt, Germany, nomination (top ten)
2010       GetPublished Award, Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Germany, nomination (top ten)
2009       Dummy Award, nomination, 2. Photobook Festival, Kassel, Germany
2008       Canon-Profifoto Award, nomination
2008       Varta Digital Photo Award, nomination (top nine)


2020       PhotoZurich, Switzerland
2019       Nur mit uns, Galerie der Künstler, BBK, Munich, Germany
2019       Objects of Desire, Halle50, Munich, Germany
2019       PhotoMuenchen, Praterinsel, Munich, Germany
2019       VII. Ellwanger Art Exhibition, Ellwanger Museum, Ellwangen, Germany
2019       New kids on the block, Halle50, Munich, Germany
2019       Domagk Ateliertage, Munich, Germany
2019       Dolce Vita, Halle50, Munich, Germany
2019       Gallery L'appartement 58, Munich, Germany
2019       Kunst Im Karree Art Festival, Munich, Germany
2018       Spurensuche³, Blaues Haus, Dießen am Ammersee, Germany
2018       ARTiges2018, Kunstverein Ottobrunn, Germany
2017       ARTMUC, Praterinsel, Munich, 19.11 - 22.11, Germany
2017       FINIR EN BEAUTÉ, Galerie der Künstler, Maximilianstr. 42, Munich
2017       ARTMUC, Praterinsel, Munich, 25.05 - 28.05, Germany
2017       Kunstmuseum Humboldschloss, Hettstedt, Germany
2016       THE PLACE IS NOT IMPORTANT, 84 GHz, Munich, Germany
2016       Artist-Atelier Weissenhaus, Germany (duo)
2016       Keep Your Eyes Peeled, AFF Galerie, Berlin, Germany
2016       THE PLACE IS NOT IMPORTANT, Seidlvilla, Munich, Germany
2015       AFFORDABLE ART FAIR HAMBURG, Galerie Nimmesgern Starnberg, Germany
2015       UNSEEN photo fair, Amsterdam, Galerie SAGE
2015       HONEY AND JOY, Galerie Artsquare, Munich, Germany
2015       Goethe Intstitute Munich (trio), Germany
2015       ORTSWECHSEL, Kunstverein Freising, Altes Gefaengnis, Germany
2014       URBAN PLACES, Galerie Aspekt, Neustadt, (trio), Germany
2014       ÜBERBLENDUNG, AFF Galerie, Berlin, (trio), Germany
2014       DOES SIZE MATTER?, Gallery Sage, Paris
2013       PARIS PHOTO, gallery SAGE, France
2013       ARTIST COMES FIRST, Festival international d′art de Toulouse, France
2013       Munich Awards 2013, Lothringer 13, Munich
2012       NUIT DES IMAGES, Musée d'Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland
2012       UNDERWORLD, Galerie 5,6, Munich, Germany
2012       PLACES WE LIVE, Gasteig, Jula Festival, Munich, Germany
2012       PARIS PHOTO, gallery SAGE, Paris, France
2011       CATCHED, EarlyBirds, Munich, Germany (trio)
2011       PLACE IS NOT IMPORTANT, Galerie ASPEKT, Neustadt, Germany (duo)
2011       NEIGE, gallery Baudoin Lebon, Paris, France
2011       KATAPULT Days, winner exhibition, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
2010       Collection hiemale, gallery Baudoin Lebon, Paris, France
2010       PHOTO+ART BOOK, Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Germany
2009       HEIMAT AUF ZEIT, Galerie für christliche Kunst, Munich, Germany
2009       2. Kasseler Photobook Festival, Kassel, Germany
2009       TUMBANI, groundfloor "Bayern Invest", Munich, Germany
2008       TUMBANI, Teehaus Tschajkowsky, Berlin, Germany
2008       FOTOGRAFIKA, Museum Literaturnoje Pridneprovje, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
2007       TRAIN STATIONS, Goethe Institut, Calcutta (Kolkata), India
2007       FOTOFINISH, Munich University, Munich, Germany
2007       I imagined it in a different way, Seidlvilla, Munich, Germany
2006       ON THE MOVE, SARAI, Space for contemporary media, Delhi, India (duo)
2006       THE OWN VIEW, Technikzentrum FH Muenchen, Munich, Germany
2005       I like when the light goes on, Giesinger Bahnhof, Munich, Germany
2005       54 CHARACTERS, Preview Festival, Moscow, Russia
2005       3rd CURRENT PHOTO Festival, Moscow, Russia
2005       2nd CURRENT PHOTO Festival, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2004       1st CURRENT PHOTO Festival, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


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