ince graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts Munich in 2015, I have worked in various artistic mediums, including photography, installation, audio, video, objects, and drawing. During this period, I have developed a considerable number of series and projects.

Since 2023, the focus of my work has shifted to installations that explore themes of water, nature, environment, time, and the coexistence of human civilization and nature. These ever-evolving installations encompass multiple media, specifically audio collages, video installations, photography, and found objects. The installations are site-specific and emerge from the material I find on-site, including local audio recordings, video, and photographs, both in digital and analog formats.

My photographic work, which captures reality while developing its own language, is characterized by observation, analysis, and the simultaneous listening to my inner voice, which consistently defies my mathematical logic. This approach has taught me to look beneath the surface, seek beauty in simplicity, and consciously question the border of kitsch. These elements connect many of my works.

The slow process of developing my series is an integral part of my artistic practice. The sensation of investing my physical energy into the artwork permeates all my works. In photography and audio, it entails covering kilometers to capture shots, waiting for the analog result, months of sorting, and precise color work through self-made prints. With objects, it involves kilometers of wire passing through my fingers and endless repetitions of movements. In installations, it means laying out half a ton of marble stones.

Fragility and detail are the third connecting elements running through all my works. The large videos in object installations depict natural forces like water or nature, making me feel small and helping me sense time better. They speak to the fragility of our environment.

My small-format photographs are precise and intimate, showcasing the beauty of reality while simultaneously questioning it. The same applies to the physical nature and visual impression of my objects, as well as the drawings inspired by them.

Julia Smirnova
@ Photo by Olga Boyko, 2020







1981 – born in USSR as Volga German. 1997 – moves to Germany.

Currently lives in Munich.

2003 – 2007 Munich University of Applied Sciences, Photo-Design, Dipl.
2009 – 2015 Munich Academy of visual Arts, classes of Gunter Forg and Jean-Marc Bustamante, Dipl.

Collections & Museums
Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (K’MoPA), JP
Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, Poughkeepsie, New York, US
Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlung / Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, DE
Collection City Rosenheim, DE

Awards, Grants & Residencies
2023 – Studio grant from the City of Munich, DE
2022 – Residency at Le 108, Orléans, in cooperation with Künstlerhaus Schafhof and organisation La Miré, FR
2022 – Krumbacher Art Prize, DE
2022 – Residency at Nelimarkka Museum, Alajärvi, FIN
2022 – Residency at Salzamt Linz, in the guest studio of the Province of Upper Austria, The Art Collection, AT
2020 – Studio grant from the City of Munich, DE
2019 – VII. Ellwanger Art Prize, DE
2019 – 2nd place in the 13th Annual B&W Spider Awards, US
2014 – Young Portfolio Acquisitions, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, JP
2013 – Sponsorship Award from the City of Munich, DE
2011 – Musée de l’Elysée, production grant, CH
2011 – LfA Calender Prize, DE

Nominations (Selection)
2021 – 15th Arte Laguna Prize, IT
2019 – BLOOM Award by Warsteiner, DE
2011 – Lacoste Elysee Prize, top 10, CH
2010 – Katapult Award, top 10, DE
2010 – GetPublished Award, Haus der Fotografie Deichtorhallen Hamburg, top 10, DE
2008 – Canon-Profifoto Award, top 10, DE
2007 – Varta Digital Photo Award, top 10, DE



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Schwarzweiß, Central German History Museum Krumbach, DE
Seidlvilla, Munich, DE

Fragmented world | Fokus Europa IV, Künstlerhaus Schafhof, Freising, DE
Mäander, Halle50, Munich, DE
Coexistence, GEDOK Gallery, Munich, DE
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Changes, Political Academy Tutzing, DE
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