Mäander / halle50 – 2023


„Mäander“, audiovisual installation together with Niel Mitra, halle50 offspace, Munich, 2023

Wire sculptures, video, audio, found objects, photographs, light panels, marble stone

Example of audio works: https://soundcloud.com/juliasmirnova

Originally conceived as an exhibition idea that was intended to showcase the artistic processing of her impressions from three artist residencies in 2022, MÄANDER evolved into a space-transforming exhibition and installation concept. The concept of MÄANDER is also modular and can be adapted depending on the space and environment, even as an off-space, for sound art and musical experiments. Mäander leads the visitor into a space that becomes its own immersive world through visual and auditory means, oscillating between urbanity and nature, security and fragility, concrete and abstract. Room-filling video works, object and light art, photography, and experimental audio collages are deliberately coordinated in this exhibition, creating an immersive experience. Four video installations of flowing waters serve as visual resting points. A room installation, nestled in white gravel and adorned with objects, photos, and sculptures, invites wandering. Upon entering the room, visitors are greeted by the running audio collages. While Julia Smirnova takes on raw field recordings and transforms them into subjective audio still lifes, Niel Mitra works with abstract electronic distortions, intensifying the subtle moods of his recording.